Quality Assurance


Like any good food service outlet, food safety is always number 1 priority in your business. In todays competitive food service industry, tightened government regulations and social media quickly expose businesses with poor hygiene & food safety standards. It is important to know procedures are in place to ensure employees are handling food in a hygenic and safe manner. The QB, Quick blend pre- portioned tray system minimises food handling and improves your food safety.
Our HACCP approved facility manufactures QB products to a stringent specification resulting in the preservation of the highest quality. We achieve this through research and development and continuous training of our employees with adherence to strict standards and operating procedures. We strive to consistently meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Instructions and training is provided for storage, handling and preparation in order to maintain stipulated shelf-life and to safely prepare a quality product for consumption. Buyers accept the responsibility for preserving and delivering the same quality by following these instructions.

Allergen Warning

The products are manufactured in a facility that produces other products, that may contain soy, dairy, wheat, nuts and may contain traces of any of these materials.